The Alphabet Julen: X

X Marks the Spot

The attractive thing about treasure hunts is the code-solving aspect - the thrill of the chase, the solving of the puzzle, the working out of the clues.


In my mind, an X-Ray always consisted of you going behind a screen, and - upon the flick of a switch, the doctor could see your insides - your bones, your lungs, the pen you accidentally swallowed. It's nothing like that these days. They fill you with this weird blue solution that fills your veins with something the x-rays can pick up, and than you go and lie naked under a warm blanket on a cold cold metal bed, and they tilt you this way and that and take pictures. This would already be surreal, but try it while on painkillers and suffering from kidney stones and a kidney infection. It's extra fun!


My ace in the hole in the geography game, the travel game of choice when I was young. When the Xaviars, the various Mayan places, and the Chinese places were used up, I always had Xenia to tide me over until I could inflict real damage with a Kathmandu or a Pickax of my own.

Imagine my delight when it became an important landmark on my trips to Dayton: The end was in sight!


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