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At one point in the undending history of this site, I collected and shared short stretchs of text, snippets of thoughts, the occasional poem, parts of stories. This section has disappeared in the mists of time.


Back when I was selling antiques, I sold a lot of 20th century pieces, especially from the latter half of the century. I liked the toys, the glass and china, the jewelry, the technology, the graphic design, the furniture, the everything. Even now, I still am enticed by the vintage - the Heller plates of my youth, the colorful glass of my dreams, the spectacular commercial design that shaped how we see the world - my pack rat tendencies are perked up by just talking about it.

Violet Taro

One of my favorite random plant finds: three stems, spade shaped leaves, tucked up next to the horsetail and the pygmy lily pleased to not have to share a pot with ol' changable charlie. This plant can't be killed; it's been split and water-starved, and it keeps on producing.


I was born in the state (commonwealth) oddly caught between South and North. (Go on, find five atlases. I'll wait. Now, tell me if Virginia is classified in: South, East, Mid-Atlantic, North, or as a Middle State.) As a state, Virginia boasts ancient mountains and salty seas.


I collect volvelles, also known as wheel charts, these paper slide charts have a long history, and I'm enchanted by the way calculations can be made based on a slide and a twist. I have plane-spotting volvelles, date calculators, color wheels, engineering tools, and all sorts of other cool examples.


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