The Alphabet Julen: K


When I was growing up, my brother's nickname was 'King.' You can just imagine how that impacted upon his whole attitude. King. Feh! There's a whole King subculture in my family : who can be called king and where they can be called king and what adjectives can be applied. I'm not only the eldest grandchild on that side, I'm the only girl! You'd think there'd be less King nomenclature reapportioning and more tribute paid to the worthy one!


My favorite room in a house for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my bedroom was over the kitchen, and in the mornings, the warmth and smells from the kitchen would rise up to my room. I also had the best kitchen playset ever. It was home-made, and huge. I cooked up a storm on that thing. I've always liked to cook - my parents made sure we knew how to cook early on, and those skills have come in super-handy.


I knit. I have a scarf that took me nearly a year and a half to complete, although after five months, it was long enough to wear while in progress ... so I did. It started out wide, tapered, widened and curved, tapered, widened, tapered and so on for about 6 feet. It was perfect for cold Massachusetts winters - it cupped my chin and mouth, widened to encompass my head, and than wrapped around and around and around and filled that area between zippers and chin. I've knit lots of stockings and scarfs, toys and the occasional scarf. My big triumph was a huge beekeeper's quilt. You can see it if you are on ravelry.


I tend to tie tendrils of my hair in knots when my hair is long. Usually, they slip out unless, I've made a multiple-knot-knot, in which case I start to regret tying my hair in knots.

Mrs. Kolodny's Cookies

A classic must-have Christmas Cookie (see also: traditional cutout cookies, toffee shortbread, potato chip cookies, lemon curd squares) which you may know as thimble cookies. I am a jelly proponent, but the nutty ones will suffice in a jam.

Mrs. Kolod-nots

Many years ago, I created a variation on the Mrs. Kolodny that went really far afield. The cookie that emerged was pretty different, but super-tasty, especially if you used Perle's cherry jelly, the world's greatest cherry jelly. So I called them Mrs. Kolod-nots, and my cousin Jeff refined and perfected the recipe. A new family classic!


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