The Alphabet Julen: Q


When you're playing the alphabet game, the Q is one of those letters that seems an uncrossable barrier. As you sit there, desperately searching for a Quarles, a Dairy Queen, a Quest, a Quik-Stop, or Queen Anything, you hear your competitors dashing through the easy L-M-N-O-P and coming up to compete for that rarely spotted Q.


I found Quartz BBS in 1989, was alternately freaked out and bored, and didn't come back for a year. When I did, I stayed. Quartz meandered on for four years more, and than finally expired. So, almost immediately, other citadel BBSes popped up all over the place. The core Quartz crowd migrated to BBSes based in New Jersey, Ohio, and Arizona, before Bob and John created Quartz II, and we settled into the new Quartz BBS where wackiness and pettiness live side-by-side until it too was eclipsed by newer technology.


In a truly just world, I would have been born royalty in a low maintenance country.


I have mentioned my knitted beekeeper's quilt, right? I have.

That took two years to complete!


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