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In the era before the web (when .plans ruled), John D'Alessandro and I had a small internet-based publishing house which eventually petered out. IYKYK.


There's something about the first big warm spring raindrop that falls on my cheek that makes me so happy. I love to stand barefoot in a warm spring rain, my feet digging into the grass, feeling the water drip down my face. I like the release of a summer thunderstorm that cracks open still, muggy air with wind and water and the scent of honeysuckle. I like the sound it makes on rooves and windows, and the good it does for the garden.


You gotta love a city that boasts a theater whose walls are papered with carpet, has the world's most anti-septic coffeehouse, and a gorgeous working antique carousel at Pullen Park.


I rant frequently, although few of the rants have been deemed worthy to be placed on-line. I am a champion ranter. I can go for paragraphs without pausing. There used to be several classic rants preserved for the ages here on the website, but they seem to have slunk away in the night. I honestly have no clue what happened to those rants.


Apparently the preserved raving ran away with the rants, because they've gone missing too. There are things I like and things I LOVE. I might have to rebuild that particular subsection.


I read for pleasure and I read often. I'm just not happy if I don't have a pile of books to go through. I've got several things I've read happily on my ipad, but I still love the feel, the weight, the heft of a physical book. I like immersing myself into different worlds and different worldviews. I like being transported away and I like learning new things. I'll read just about everything and anything, but lately I've been on a non-fiction kick.

Reality TV

I prefer the competition reality shows, where the competitors have to make/build/create/discover/solve something to move on. My all-time favorite probably is The Mole (well, the Coop years), but I've stuck by The Amazing Race and Project Runway through the ups and downs. I also really enjoyed the little-watched Cannonball Run 2001, because you could really see how that race transformed some folks' lives. Despite the best efforts of my coworkers, I still have not seen a full episode of the Housewives, but I'm totally up to date on their legal travails.

Reading List

"Self," you have said to yourself, "What are the books that have driven this woman to become the Monst^H^H^H^H^H person she is today?" Well, your questions are about to be answered. A few years ago, I put together a list for my facebook pals. (That's what I use facebook for - making and soliciting book recommendations. Also pictures of animals. And - once upon a time - figuring out when the next cooking club is going to be.)

Recreational Cool Whip AKA Reddi-Wip

American know-how, right there! Aerosol cream! Makes everything better! (And look at the spelling sacrificed in the name of branding!)

When my father was struggling with language, he'd find the nearest possible term for what he wanted. A meeting became a conference. A shrub was a hedge. And Reddi-Wip was "Recreational Cool Whip." I still refer to it as that to this day.


When I was living alone, my Christmas trees were lit up all in red the past few years, and boy is that a fantastic look.


I've retired twice now. It's pretty awesome.

Road Trips

I love a good road trip - packed with side trips, giant concrete and metal objects, travel games, local eats, fantastic views, and wonderful destinations. I've driven up north and down south, out west, and around in giant circles. I've judged dozens of rest areas, seen unexpected flashes of history and mystery, and stumbled across the American instinct to memorialize and to forget. Little museums and big panoramas; true full-service gas stations and uniquely local characters ... my road trips remind me how wonderful (and truthfully, how terrible) this country can be.


Words I Like

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