The Alphabet Julen: L


My favorite fruit - so bold and yellow on the outside, so wonderfully tart on the inside. Diluted in water or tea, dipped in sugar, infused into curd and sprinkled over cookie bars... lemon beats out it's yellow step-cousin, the banana, in versatility, and it's red-purple pal, the pomegranite in ubiquity. A wedge of lemon will wake you up, tart up your fish, add zip to your water, and brighten your day.


For a long time this was on my One Day, When... list. One day, I'd get myself a press, and I'd print all the live-long day. (That's how much I loved my Intro to Typography class and the experience of printing on those glorious big presses). I missed setting type. I missed the way the paper peels up off the ink, the upside down A in the third row and the way the layers of furniture anchored the type into a compact whole. I miss the first smudged print off a proofing press, and the perfect overprint where all lines up perfectly. So when I got myself a house, I started looking. I ended up getting a fabulous deal on a small Kelsey and a lot of type, and hooray! I still didn't have the time sadly.

A Little

I had a letter read once on the show. (I asked Tony to write my Christmas Letter). It was glorious.

(I am referring, of course, to fans of the Kornheiser, and not the myriad other meanings of the word.)

Little People

In the mid-eighties sometimes, someone in the Braintrust over at Fisher-Price decided to redesign the Little People to make them safer. They made them ... Chunky. Bigger. Wider. Prone to pastel and pastel-friendly colors. More detailed (and therefore limiting) pre-set scenes. Less appealing on every level. It was probably safer, though.

As a child, I had the circus little people set (not the train, the circus!) and the houseboat. Various neighbors had the farm, the plane, the A-frame house. I recently came accross a baggie of Little People animals at a flea market (monkey, chicken, donkey, cow....) and had to buy them. After a little exploration into the world of eBay and the 'net, I started lusting after so many sets that hadn't even been sold in Virginia so that I could to use them to re-enact great scenes from great movies. I had no idea the carnival sets even existed!


A personal hero. Wife of Augustus, Mother of Tiberius, Powerful, Charming, Murderous. Hell on Wheels.

Llama Queen

I was a first year at Smith, and Wendy showed me that the VAX was more than just an e-mail server and a launching off point to connect to my unix accounts at UVa. One of the first things I did was to change the name associated with my login handle to something more ... interesting than my name. Almost immediately, I began using Llama Queen (I used to occasionally non-seq on Quartz, "I am the Llama Queen!" during that era, as well), and it stuck. It weirded out most of the Amherst Boys (except for a couple of cool ones), which was a useful pre-filter!


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