The Alphabet Julen: D


They're all delightful - two tone or not, ruffles or ripples or a simple trumpet, yellows or oranges or whites or blush. Spring!

The Daily Decision

Every day, I make a decision, or two. Originally I mailed my decisions to Diana, because she never ever tells me to shut up and that I'm being silly. So, I figured ... hey! Why not terrorize the web? So I created The Daily Decision. Over the next 25 years I updated it in fits and spurts interrupted by long stretches of radio silence. These days I update it every once in a while, on no set schedule.


I've spent a fair amount of time in Dayton, Ohio in the last few years, and each time I've gone, I've gotten fonder of the town. There's history, vibrancy, variety, and cool things around every corner. My visits have reminded me of how cool a state Ohio can be.


I've been a designer for several decades now - doing much the same work despite the adjective that preceded it - and sometimes the noun itself. It's a somewhat rare profession that has such a sheer variety of titles. Over the past 3 decades plus, I've designed all aspects of the user experience for products big and small -- software on the desktop and the cloud, every flavor of web-based application, system, or site, and a wide variety of paper products. I quite like the practical, functional aspects of design (it balances out my artsy instincts nicely).

Lady Catherine De Burgh

A personal hero. A minor character in Pride and Prejudice, who has one of the best lines in the whole book. "And that, I suppose, was your mother?" followed up by "And that, I suppose, was one of your sisters?" She's the best. We should all channel our inner Lady Catherine DeBurgh.


I came into my dino love as a middle-aged woman. Not for me the scientific details (although I love me a good paleontological find and the sheer feathery scaley variety out there!) - No, no, no. I've gone for the cultural impact side: I've managed to find myself in possession of muffin tins, cookie-cutters (they pair so nicely with the cutter set of gingerbread men with legs and arms bitten off!), adorable balloons, and a trio of inflatable Christmas dinosaurs.

Doak, or Mrs. Doak

The familial beverage of choice at festive occasions. Named for one of my grandmother's neighbors who would serve this festive punch, it is a must have when celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas. Mmmmm. Doak me up.



I'm still mourning the loss of our venerable Spudnuts, and it's been years. Other donuts are good, but Spuds is where it was at. Another petal of my youth gone.


Words I Like

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