The Alphabet Julen

This is an old-fashioned personal website, studded with old projects and ideas: a wild warren of weirdness, a den of perpetual vanity in varying ages of decay. There's a lot to see here, and lots of ways to get lost. The Alphabet Julen is an index of sorts to both the site and to me; as indices go, it's a miserable failure, being neither complete nor comprehensive. As designed vanity, however, it's nearly perfect. Browse Away!



It's completely illogial to try to organize either this website or a life into an alphabetic index, which pretty much explains why almost no one else has looked at this and thought "Oooh, what a good idea! I should do that too." The few that have vastly improved the concept, growing it into cool applications and awesome interactions. (It was pretty cool to watch the idea blossom into something awesome three different times.