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Cone Clan Characteristics

Some Account of the CONE FAMILY IN AMERICA, principally
of the descendants of Daniel Cone, who settled in Haddam, Connecticut
in 1662.

Compiled by William Whitney Cone, Brandsville, Missouri.
Topeka, Kansas, Crane and Company, 1902.

The Cones, as a race, are generally free-hearted and generous, quick to make friends and seldom have enemies. They have a lively, active turn of mind, with a pleasant, cheerful, and even mirthful disposition.

There is a universal belief among the tribe that a "cent's worth of mirth and jollity is better than a dollar's worth of dignity," and while they have sufficient dignity for all purposes, yet it has never been know to hurt any of them.

They are inclined to look on the bright side of life, and a long face is seldom found in the family. They are adventurous and enterprising, and have always been found among the pioneers of any new country.

It is recorded that the "wise men came from the East." The Cones followed this early example, but they did not return, and therein was their wisdom.

There is a pretty broad streak of originality and force of character running through nearly every line; and the high-tempered Cones are not in the minority.

A strong religious feeling seems to prevail throughout the tribe, backed up by an overwhelming moral and temperance sentiment. They do not fly high, nor very low; and while none of the tribe have been sent to Congress, neither are any of them, to my knowledge, in a penitentiary.

In general, we may say that they will average fairly well with the rest of humanity.

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