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Was J. H. LaMotte Run Out Of Hagerstown?

This entry comes from an email Charles Mawhinney sent my mom's researcher who sent it to her who sent it to me...

Hagerstown was frontier wilderness and Indian country. Frederick town (now Frederick, Md.) was founded in 1748 and was the most westward town in Maryland at that time.

This was Frederick County and extended to the Virginia border ( now W. Va. ). Washington Co. which Hagerstown is the county seat was not founded until 1776/77.

In 1755, General Braddock camped in Frederick town with his troops preparing to make his foray into Western Pa. He marched the troops through the wilderness blazing a trail now known as Braddocks road ( presently US 40 ) to Cumberland, Md. then North to Uniontown, Pa.

He was killed the the Battle of Great Meadow and buried in the area. General Braddock lost the battle and a retreat was started which came back to Md. and in the Hagerstown area as far as Frederick.

There were very few settlers in the area and the only protection were the troops which were now in retreat. This created panic and the Frederick settlers fled to Baltimore and the frontier settlers in the area of present day

Hagerstown fled to Frederick, Md., Winchester, Va, and into Pa. The Indians of the area were hostile and had been recruited by the French to fight for the French.

The Indians seeking revenge waged war and attacks in the entire area from Uniontown, Pa. to Frederick. Md. killing everything and anything as well as taking hostages

Some of the Indians were Shawanese, Iroquois, Delaware, Tuscararo, Mingoes, and others.

In 1763, the Treaty of Paris was signed with the six nations and peaceful existance supposedly began. However, some of the Idians, who has been maligned and abused in the war were not held accountable to the Terms
of the Treaty of Paris.

They continued to raid the area.

In the matter of John H. Lammot ( Johann Heinrich Lamott ) , it is alleged and written in a book on the history of the Hugenots of S. C., that he went to Charleston, S. C. and joined up with the Hugenot Colony, leaving there and going to Hagerstown, Md, which was frontier and being driven out of Hagerstown, Md. by the Indian Raids and going to York Co., ( Hanover area of Pa.) were he appears on the tax records as LaMuth in 1762.

[These] Dates do not agree with know facts: Johann Heinrich arrives in Phila., Pa. 1749. on Phoenix. His first child born 1751 in Pa. Most likely marries Widow Bollinger in 1750 ( first child usually born in first year of or after marriage-genealogy facts) .

Daniel born 1753 ( two years later ) and John Henry born 1755.

I can not place Johann Heinrick in Hagerstown or Charlestown at the alleged time as his wife was having babies in Pa. in 1751,1753,1755 when it is alleged he was driven from Hagerstown in or about 1755- the time of Braddocks defeat.

I have seen a document that states he was in Hagerstown, Md. living on the frontier and when driven out of the area by the Indian raids he buried his papers identifying his family genealogy and records. ???? I have no explanation for this material.

Another book, Huguenots of Berks Co., Pa. list Johann Heinrick as a Huguenot arriving in Phila., Pa. and settling in Berks county after his arrival in America


As you can see, there's some confusion.

* February 19, 2003
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