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As we've found newspaper articles, census records, documents, and outstanding questions, we've posted them. Each entry is categorized by the person in focus, with a few exceptions... collateral branches are customized under the name of the originating sibling (e.g., you'll find George Harrison, Lucy Hayden Harrison, and GW Harrison, Jr, all listed under Lucie Hayden Harrison).

* Augustin Hayden
* Cornelia Ann Smith
* Evelyn Hayden Phillips
* Harriet Cone Hayden
* Johann Heinrich Lamott
* Julia Hayden Hightower
* Julius A. Hayden I
* Julius A. Hayden II
* Lucie Hayden Harrison
* Lucinda Shumate Cone Underwood
* Margaret Mattson
* Nellie Hayden Williams
* Reuben Cone
* Reuben Cone Hayden

Relatively Modern Surnames

Hayden, Morbeck, Harris, Shaw, Churchill, Olson, Strevig, Shumate/de la Chaummette, Roscoe, Mattson, La Motte / LaMotte / Lammott, Cone, Bollinger, Wells, Anderson, Huber/Hoover, Holcomb, Holbrunner, Underwood

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