Colophon & Copyright

This is version 31 of this website, which will celebrate it's 20th year of lying around and being vaguely webby this year. Over its history, it has assumed a variety of poses, costumes, and technologies. This is the latest.

This version was initially laid out in Pixelmator, as part of my Photoshop detoxification. (I don't want to rent software for the rest of my life.) My only real complaint with the program is with the anti-aliasing of diagonal lines, but I think I can go back and figure out a fix for that later. I hand-coded most of it, although I did pull chunks of text and the Girl from Julen image from previous versions of the site.

The display fonts in the header and the sidebar are Parkland and Riverside (It should not be this difficult to find the original designer/company of Riverside; Gah!). The text is set in the common web fonts Verdana and Georgia, but degrade to your standard installed serif and sans serif fonts. You'll see my favorite set of non-web-safe colors highlighted in the navigation bar.

Previous versions of this site were either hand-coded or used content management systems like movable type and drupal to manage all the content; hand-coded versions have utilized everything from vi to Homesite. (Yes, I do tend to boomerang back and forth between useful tools and slinging html like the grumpy old woman I am. This one was updated with whatever came to hand. If you are really interested, you can see some of the images used in previous versions of the website.

As you browse the site, you will come across older pages and subsites whose overall appearance hasn't been updated for years. Enjoy the odd, experimental, and embarrassing design choices I've made in the past. Feel free to judge me silently.

All content on the website is mine, mine, mine (unless I explicitly say otherwise). I retain all rights to my work. I am generally pretty generous about sharing if you ask me first and as long as you are not claiming my work as your own or using it to gift yourself ostriches and small island hideaways. This includes my professional portfolio and exemplars of the work I created for a variety of employers and clients. If you try to claim my work as your own, you will be caught. I have a lot of friends & ex-colleagues in hiring positions all over the country, and they know my work. Folks have been caught before!

Here's a helpful rule of thumb: If you are going to steal my work, please don't be an idiot while doing it.