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Obituary of Harriet Cone Hayden

This obituary appeared in the The Atlanta Journal, on Monday Evening, December 4, 1899

She was the Widow of Judge J. A. Hayden--A Good Woman Gone.

Mrs. J. A. Hayden died very suddenly this morning at 12:15 o'clock at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. E. H. Phillips, 11 Cone Street.

Death resulted from an attack of congestion.

Mrs. Hayden had been in her usual health up to an hour before the fatal stroke. She spent yesterday attending services, both morning and evening, at the First Presbyterian church, of which she was a consistent and devoted member. Shortly before being stricken, she had been engaged in reading the Bible to a son and grandson.

Mrs. Hayden was the widow of the late Judge Julius A. Hayden and the daughter of Reuben Cone, both pioneers of Atlanta. She was a woman of rare excellence of character and many shining traits of mind and heart. She was revered for her exemplary life and loved for her generosity.

Mrs. Hayden had lived in Atlanta a number of years and has a large circle of friends who will sincerely mourn her loss. She is survived by seven children, Julius A. Hayden, Mrs. E.H. Phillips, Mrs. George W. Harrison, Mrs. H. H. Hightower, Mrs. R. H. Whitner, of Atlanta; Mrs. A. M. Thrasher of Sanford, Florida, and Mrs. J. G. Williams of Washington, D.C.

The body has been removed to the residence of Mrs. H. Hightower, 167 West Peachtree.

The funeral will be conducted from the residence of Mrs. Hightower tomorrow afternoon at 2:45 o'clock. The interment will be at Oakland Cemetery. The following gentlemen will act as pallbearers, W. W Draper, J. W. English, T. J. Hightower, M. R. Berry, Dr. J. B. Daniel, T. L. Langston.

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