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Obituaries of Julia Hightower and Lucie Harrison

This statement appeared in the Atlanta Constitution on November 29, 2008

Mrs. Harry Hightower is critically ill at her home on West Peachtree

This article appeared in the Atlanta Journal, on Wednesday Evening, December 2, 1908

Death Occurred Tuesday Night--Was Widely Esteemed and Loved--Funeral Thursday

Mrs. Julia Hightower, after an illness of over a year, died Tuesday night at 10:15 o'clock at her home, 167 W. Peachtree street. Mrs. Hightower was the wife of Harry H. Hightower of the firm of Hightower, Hallman and Co. She leaves two daughters, Nellie and Ida Hightower.

Mrs. Hightower, through the perfect sweetness of her character and her particular lovableness, had made an unusually wide circle of friends, to whom her death comes as a source of regret. She was esteemed by all who knew her, and loved deeply by her friends. She took an especial interest in religious affairs, and for years had been a devout member of the First Presbyterian Church.

Funeral services will be Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the residence.

The following obituary appeared in the Atlanta Constitution, on December 2, 1908

Mrs. H. H. Hightower Dies
Well-Known Woman Had Been Ill for Over One Year

Mrs. Julia Hayden Hightower, wife of Harry H. Hightower, died last night at 10:15 o'clock at her residence, 167 West Peachtree street, after an extended illness of over a year. She is survived by her husband, who is the well-known member of the firm of Hightower, Hallman &Co., and by her two daughters, Nellie and Ida.

Mrs. Hightower was a devoted member of the First Presbyterian church and was loved by a very large circle of friends in the city and elsewhere. The funeral arrangements have not been completed and will be announced later.

The following appeared in The Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, November 1,1935

Mrs. George Harrison Passes in 85th Year, Husband President of Publishing Firm of Harrison Co.

Mrs. Harrison, a life long Atlantan and member of a prominent family, died yesterday at home at 1654 Peachtree street. She was the daughter of the late Judge Julius A. Hayden and Mrs. Harriet Hayden...

...celebrated golden wedding anniversary 11 years ago.. in affairs of the First Presbyterian Church and known for much charity work

...survived by a son, George W. Harrison, jr., and a sister, Mrs. John G. Williams of Evanston, Illinois.

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