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Yes, I painted my bathroom orange.

Winter Project II: Downstairs Bathroom

I usually described the downstairs bathroom - when forced to - as white drowning in white: dull white walls, white fixtures, a tall white ceiling. This year, I honored James K. Polk by painting a thick blue line around the middle of that bathroom transforming it from blah to blue. (Hah. I kill myself!)

The Old Look

Before the blue: sink and mirror

Before the blue: toilet and nook

I used painters masking paper this time to create the 40 inch high line around my bathroom; I centered it around the mirror and above the fixtures. The painter's masking tape is wider and more adaptable than the painters tape.

I painted a line of white around the top and the bottom of the point where masking paper meets wall to further minimize bleeds. All told, the masking and white paint took about 90 minutes. Painting the blue on the next day took 45 more minutes, and I spent about 15 minutes doing touchup the day after that.

Combine 20 minutes to prep the room (remove door, electrical covers, mirror, plates hanging on the wall, and two octopus pictures opposite the toilet), and another 15 to put things back (except the octopus pictures. I think they're too dark there), and you have significant change in under 3 1/4 hours of effort.

The New Look

Quick, easy, and effective:

After the blue: sink and mirror

After the blue: toilet and nook

What's Next?

I'm even less thrilled with the black wrought iron ring I inherited from the previous owners now. It's position feels more awkward than ever, and the style is even more jarring. I might go see if I can replace it with something less ... wrong.

Regardless, that'll probably go at some point, and I'm thinking about putting some floating (white) shelves on the back wall to display glass on (and moving the plates to the part of the L around the sink).

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