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Yes, I painted my bathroom orange.

Flower Update

It's been an odd, odd fall for flowers.

The Irises that didn't bloom in the spring bloomed in the fall (they weren't labelled as double-blooming Iris when I bought them). They were gorgeous plants: blue and white, bold and beared.

The Narcissus I planted in the side bed and the back yard has bloomed (I'm hoping there's enough time for the plants to create new shoots for spring), and the anemone stalks are up. It's a little disconcerting to see spring plants blooming in November; one trick-or-treate dad had to ask me what was up. I must have planted them too shallow.

The yellow mums I got from Lowes are spent, but the orange ones my parents picked up for me from a nursery are still going strong. (I also scored some nice violets, some low spiky evergreen plants, and some nice striped-leaf azaleas).

When I visited my parents last month, my father took me over to the valley and to a mennonite nursery, where I bought bright red hollyhocks and black eyed susans (half price, no less!), plus a yellow double-blooming iris. I cleaned up plant-wise that weekend.

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