rlunatic/jhayden productions is defunct It was an idea before its time ... and suprisingly never really survived the web. Late one night in 1992, John D'Alessandro and Julia Hayden decided that their joint excursions into great literary ah, uh, revelations had outgrown the mailing list that was the original method of delivery, and a gopher was built. By the time the web came around, their lives had become cluttered with other things to write collaboratively, and the once-mighty production ground to a close.

After four years of inactivity, it's become clear that neither D'Alessandro nor Hayden have opted for career paths that allowed a great deal of free time, and each has developed interests outside this aging entity.

For those who missed the glory years, r.lunatic/j.hayden pro-ductions (rljhp) oversaw the Spoon-Man mailing list, developed the Philosophy of J, midwifed Rob Searce's Life Sucks series, developed codas, inspired new metaphors and similes, and published other people's brilliant epics and episodes.

rljhp would never have happened if not for the original Quartz BBS, where Hayden and D'Alessandro met, identified their targets, and found an appreciative audience.

rljhp published content is not available at this time.